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Digitization is the key to futuristic prosperity. Every industry, sector and vertical is now turning to automation to drive its operations. Soon every career path will require some amount of coding and robotics knowledge to become successful.

At DIYA, we realize the need for the budding generation to grasp the right technolgy the hands-on way from an early age, to prepare for a highly technology oriented future. Coding for Kids is the best way to go so that your children develop all the necessary skills to become future-ready. We offer some of the best programming courses in Malaysia along with coding classes for kids and robotic online classes, while providing hands-on exposure across live projects. Our specialized programs involve robots for kids combined with programming courses in Malaysia.
Robotic Online Classes is a wonderful starting point for children to explore the world of Robotics and AI. The programming courses of Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA) are structured in a simple format, guided by experienced mentors who are well equipped to work with children at their pace and with their specific learning patterns. We at DIYA also have customized programs that can be introduced as Robotics School Projects for students to experience robots for kids as part of their school curriculum. This gives them a head start into the world of robotics and the myriad of opportunities it can present.

At DIYA, Malaysia we also offer variety of programming courses for students to choose based on their passion and learning style. These courses are designed to not just teach the programming languages but also cover skills such as problem identification and solving, process flow designing, presentation and more. It also helps in positively impacting the self-confidence and self-image of the student when they are able to complete a robotics project from start to finish on their own with appropriate facilitation/guidance from our trained & experienced mentors. This will ensure holistic development of 21st century skills in children the hands-on way!

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Sessions Handled by professional student success mentors

Self paced session focussed on HOTS - Higher Order Thinking Skills, helps improve the attention span, enables quick information processing, better logical thinking and reasoning skills, stronger decision making and improved planning. Thus setting the base not just for academic excellence, but also for a successful future! DIYA has proven 7+ years of excellence in making an international community of children - Future Ready!

DIYA is the recipient of Best Futuristic Education Awarda and Excellence in Robotics Education Award from multiple National School associations and government organizations. Your child will get the best!

We at DIYA provide 1:1 Personalised class. We also provide workshop sessions.

1:1 Personalised module has 3 Levels and each level takes 1 month. Whereas in Workshop module its a 2 weeks program.

We have courses starting from age 5 +, 7 +, 10 +, 14+ . We have Scratch Junior, MIT App Inventor, 3D Printing, IoT, and AI Scratch Programming.