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Introduction about the course

Starting from google assistant to humanoid robots, AI is enabling machines to think like humans to reduce mundane tasks and improve efficiency. From following commands through a simple speech recognition algorithm to decision making based on image recognition, students will develop programs putting AI to use in real-world applications. This program will get students started with interaction design to get started with coding and learning AI implementation structures, there-on deploy AI applications to enable intelligent decision making and ensure pleasing user engagement.

Experience from our graduates

I am Caryn from Malaysia loves to code because of the special bond that she shares with her mentor Ajay. DIYA believes in personalizing all courses and ensures that every student is extremely comfortable with coding and information technology in general.


Hi this is Vaishnavi hailing from Malaysia is a bright student who wanted to explore the world of coding and information technology. At DIYA, she received the right kind of learning, and was given enough awareness about automation technologies that truly makes her future-ready.


What your kids will learn

  • Fundamentals of Programming

  • Animation and Interaction design

  • Custom Sequences and IFTTT based games

Skills Developed

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