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Expression is the best form of knowledge! This course presents the fun and hands-on way to learn coding, through a proven graphical user interface based on Scratch by MIT, USA. Students will focus on animation and game making using simple tools, which are used in 40+ countries, all while strengthening their coding fundamentals to create interactive projects and bring their imagination and conceptual learning to life! As the next step, students make decisions using user inputs and create a flow of interaction, enabling engagement and making possibilities for multiple real-time scenarios.

Experience from our graduates

I am Caryn from Malaysia loves to code because of the special bond that she shares with her mentor Ajay. DIYA believes in personalizing all courses and ensures that every student is extremely comfortable with coding and information technology in general.


Hi this is Vaishnavi hailing from Malaysia is a bright student who wanted to explore the world of coding and information technology. At DIYA, she received the right kind of learning, and was given enough awareness about automation technologies that truly makes her future-ready.


What your kids will learn

  • Fundamentals of Programming

  • Animation and Interaction design

  • Custom Sequences and IFTTT based games

Skills Developed

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