Ignite your child’s interest in coding and our experts will transform them into an inventor!
Google has said that coding is one of the top 5 essential life skills of the 21st century? Do you have the vision to make your child Future-ready with the simple, structured, internationally-certified unique curriculum focussed on boosting the confidence, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, through consistent guidance from an expert trainer, measuring the progress of your child? We welcome you to DIYA . . . Do It Yourself Academy!
Budding Animator
Scratch Junior is a developmentally appropriate programming language where they create their own interactive collages, animated stories, and games.
Skills Developed:
Fundamentals of programming
Interactive collage
Create you very first game
Illustrious Animator
Scratch is a free programming language developed by MIT that makes it easy to create interactive stories, animations, games, music and art.
Skills Developed:
Programming Fundamentals
Algorithms & Conditional Statements
Variables and Loops
App Wizard
App inventor is a visual, drag-and-drop block-based programming language developed by MIT that builds apps like Photo Editor, Stopwatch, games etc.
Skills Developed:
Fundamentals of Android OS
Design Interface
Basics of App Development
AI Bot Prodigy
Cognimates is an AI platform that allows to program robots, training of AI models by using block-based programming language developed by MIT Media Lab.
Skills Developed:
Fundamentals of AI & ML
Build AI projects like Face Recognition, etc..
Create you own chat bot
3D Technocrat
Tinkercad is an online tool used for 3D designing an ideal platform for introduction to Autodesk .
Skills Developed:
Fundamentals of CAD & 3D Printing
Create 3D Shapes and Mechanisms
Operations of Epsilon 3D Printer
The Thingsman
Runlinc IDE is a programming environment for IoT on a Wi-Fi chip, that can be accessed through a browser on the laptop or even your phone.
Skills Developed:
Introduction to Python, JavaScript and HTML
Build your own Personal Assistant
Build Unique projects.
Expert trainers
Measure the progress of your child
Dedicated team to guide your child
Combination of Live & Recorded class

We offer both online and on-campus year-long programs in Robotics, AI, ML, 3D printing, IoT, and Industrial Automation.

Our online courses are internationally certified by the National Computing Centre (NCC), the UK thus ensuring global standards of education through guided learning combined structure of both self-paced learning and live sessions.

International Certification ensuring global standards of education. Sessions Handled by professional student success mentors

The self-paced session focussed on HOTS - Higher Order Thinking Skills, helps improve the attention span, enables quick information processing, better logical thinking and reasoning skills, stronger decision making, and improved planning. Thus setting the base not just for academic excellence, but also for a successful future!

DIYA has proven 7+ years of excellence in making an international community of children - Future Ready!

DIYA is the recipient of Best Futuristic Education Awards and Excellence in Robotics Education Award from multiple National School associations and government organizations. Your child will get the best!

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